Best Epigastric Abdominal Hernia Treatment in Pune

An Epigastric Hernia normally occurs in the top part of your abdominal wall. This area is referred to as the epigastrium. It is located in the upper part of the navel and under your breastbone. Small hernias are not quite prominent but large hernias can cause that part of the stomach or fatty tissue to push through.

Symptoms of Epigastric Hernia in Females

Epigastric hernia results in a bump in the place below the breastbone or sternum. It can also be above the belly button. This bump can be due to the fat mass that pushes through a hernia.

When you laugh, sneeze, or cough, the bump will have more visibility. In some cases, it can become large and growing. At one time, you can get more than one epigastric hernias.

You can further experience pain in that region along with some tenderness. However, it mostly does not show symptoms.

Causes of Epigastric Hernia

Some of the risk factors of epigastric hernia are as follows:-

  • Intensive sports or training.
  • Coughing fits.
  • Lifting heavy things.
  • Physical labor.

Treatment of Epigastric Hernia

Hernias like epigastric hernias do not heal on their own. Surgery is required for repairing them. In case the patient does not require immediate surgery, she may delay until she feels ready.

Mostly, epigastric hernias become problematic due to issues such as muscle weakness, obesity, and frequent strain on your abdominal wall.

The surgery can be open or laparoscopic. Surgeons use general anesthesia during this procedure. If the affected muscle opening is minute, the patient will require sutures. However, for large muscle defects, a permanent mesh will prevent the hernia from appearing again.


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