Suffering from Anal swelling is extremely painful, and it can occur due to several reasons. Individuals who suffer from Anal swelling often get panicked about this problem, but doctors say that anal swelling is temporary. It is harmless and can get cured with proper medication.

Causes of Anal Swelling

Individuals who are suffering from anal swelling need to check the causes of this problem. Loads of problems can arise while a person faces anal swelling. The common cause of this problem is the tear in the canal of the anal area, and this happens when it gets infected.

Anal swelling can also cause due to sexually transmitted diseases and blockage in the anal glands.

Primary symptoms 

Anal swelling comes with various symptoms, and one must understand the possible symptoms of anal swelling.

  • Constant pain and it gets worsen while sitting.
  • Facing constant irritation around the anus area.
  • People will face swelling and redness in that area.
  • You can also notice discharge of push
  • Suffering from disorder in the bowel movement and constipation.
  • Patients will suffer from fever and constant sickness.

How to diagnose Anal swelling?

Whenever a person suffers from the symptoms mentioned above, it is necessary to consult with doctors. The experts will conduct a digital rectal examination besides other physical examinations or screening for sexually transmitted diseases, rectal cancer, a disorder in bowel movement, etc. Patients will also be asked to have a CT scan, ultrasound, MRI, etc.

Treatment of Anal Swelling

Whenever you face problems due to anal swelling, you need to consult with the best urologist in your city. The experts will suggest you make necessary changes to your food habit for a proper bowel movement. It is said that with proper medications, individuals can get relief from painful anal swelling.