Femoral Hernia Treatment in Pune

Hernia can cause severe discomfort in the abdomen, thigh, and pelvic region. While some hernias are mild and can be treated with massage and therapy, most of them may require surgical procedures to avoid further complications in the future. It is advisable to consult a specialist Hernia doctor in Pune and assess the risks, costs, and benefits of laparoscopic surgery before going ahead with the treatment.

Benefits of laparoscopic hernia repair:

  • The process is less invasive as compared to open surgery
  • The patient may require lesser time for complete recovery
  • Very low risk of post-operative infection and blood clots
  • There are lesser scars post-surgery and far better cosmetic results
  • Recurrence is not observed in most patients
  • The surgery is conducted using a laparoscope linked to a camera so that the hernia can be visualized on the screen

Risks and complications associated with laparoscopic hernia surgery:

Laparoscopic surgery in Pune is conducted by highly qualified and experienced hernia surgeons in Pune who carry a certification to carry out the procedure. The entire treatment has fewer risks, and the patient can resume normal activities faster. However, around 7% of the surgeries can lead to complications such as injuries in the blood vessels where the surgical instruments are placed. Furthermore, general anaesthesia is administered by laparoscopic surgeons in Pune to make the procedure painless, considering the safety and comfort of the patient. This can lead to certain adverse effects that are very rare.

Cost of Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery

The cost of Femoral hernia treatment in Pune is much lesser as compared to other cities in developed countries of the world. The cost of surgery ranges from Rs. 30,000 to around 1,50,000, and patients can avail of high-quality, state-of-the-art medical technology. Quite a few hospitals are connected to developed countries around the world. This makes it easier for patients in these countries to consult a Femoral Hernia Surgeon in Pune and visit India for medical treatment.