Best Complex Fistula in Ano- Laser Treatment in Pune

Fistula laser closure is a procedure that helps in the anal fistula treatment. The track gets its primary closure through laser energy that gets emitted by the radial fiber in connection to one diode laser.

This energy will cause the shrinkage of your tissue around your radial fiber for closing the track.

What are some symptoms of complex fistula in Ano?

The symptoms of complex fistula in ano include pus discharge, pain, and irritation around the area of the anus. If an infection occurs, it can cause a fever.

Your diagnosis will be made on the basis of your symptoms. In addition, its main determination can be done through the medium of MRI to recognize the different tracks that will be needed.

How can laser surgery help in the treatment of complex fistula in ano?

A complex fistula in ano can be difficult when it comes to managing different tracts. Laser surgery needs to be thorough and extensive. Holmium Yag Laser has been revolutionary in the treatment of complex fistula in ano. This makes the process fairly simple.

This Yag laser beam coagulates and cuts tissues without even touching them. The lateral spread of the current is quite minimal. It promotes recuperation and quick healing.


If you want a laser treatment for your complex fistula in ano, you can contact Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde at the Ultra Care Clinic in Pune.