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An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue, such as a section of the intestine, expands through a light point in the abdominal muscles. The resulting swelling can be painful while coughing, bending, or lifting heavy objects. But no need to worry, laparoscopic surgeons in Pune Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde provides the best laparoscopic surgery in Pune.


To date, there are no studies or particular data that focus on the groin hernia in women. The available data comes from registry data.


The present review states that groin hernia is also available in most women.

Materials and methods

The research was held in September 2018; in this research, 80 publications were identified.


The risk of occurring groin hernia in women is about 3 to 5.8 %, which is stated by the Hernia doctor in Pune Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde. The proportion of women suffering from a groin hernia is 8.0-11.5%. The proportion of femoral hernias in women is about 16.7-37%.

Groin hernia can only occur in women of high age or have someone in their family suffering from the same disease. Groin hernia should not occur in women during pregnancy. The Hernia surgeon in Pune says that if a woman is treating her groin hernia through a surgical method, then at the same time, femoral hernia should not be present in her body. If the doctor notices this, then he or she should exclude this hernia first. Groin Hernia causes immense pain in women.


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