Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the part of the anus and rectum. Piles are also known as Hemorrhoids. They can be internal as well as external means inside the rectum and outside the rectum. It can cause pain, bleeding, and itching. You can relieve the Hemorrhoids symptoms by controlling the diet. Otherwise, visit the Piles Hospital in Hadapsar for proper treatment.


Hemorrhoids are the most common disease in India ; they cause the veins near the anus and most of the time at the lower rectum. In many cases, it occurs with symptoms and without symptoms.

 External Symptoms include: 

  • Itching and uncomfortable in the perineal area
  • Lumps arrive around the anus
  • While sitting, pain in the anus part

 Internal Symptoms include:

  • During bowl moves, it starts bleeding
  • Hemorrhoid coming out from the anus called as prolapse

Surgery is the best treatment for advanced  Hemorrhoids. Those who are suffering from hemorrhoids visit the Best Laser Surgeon in Pune for treatment.

 Types of Hemorrhoids:

It can be divided into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids are divided into 4 grades.

Grade 1 and 2 are inside font come out and usually require medical treatment.

Grade 3 and 4 usually requires surgical treatment.

Treatment options:

  •  Rubber band ligation:

It creates a rubber band at the base of piles.

  • Coagulation:

It is an internal cause and produces a bleeding

  • Hemorrhoidectomy:

This type produces the spinal block, or you can say local anesthetic.

  • Sclerotherapy:

Doctors use to insert a chemical substance for the treatment of internal Hemorrhoid.

  • Hemorrhoid stapling:

The stapler is a device, with its help all internal hemorrhoids excised, its painless procedure

  • Laser treatment:

One of the most advanced options for Haemorrhoids. Here laser energy used to shrink piles mass. Nothing is excised.


It varies from person to person due to various types of hemorrhoids present in the body. But the procedure is to reduce the blood supply for several days till hemorrhoids fall off.

Fast recovery by following the below diet: –

  • Fiber diet
  • Sitz bath
  • Drink water around 10 liters
  • Do not sit for long
  • Avoid heavy lifting

However, you can consult with a Laser Surgeon in Pune for the proper treatmentDr. Abhijit Gotkhinde is the best Laparoscopic and Laser Surgeon in Pune.