Hiatal hernia is a type of disease in which the acid of the stomach travels into the esophagus, which is the path that connects the mouth and the stomach, which is situated near the throat. Hiatal hernia causes symptoms like chest pain, acid taste at the mouth, chronic coughing, and sometimes difficulty swallowing.

These days Hiatal hernia surgery is done everywhere; the resources for pursuing this operation are available everywhere. Earlier Hiatal hernia surgery was only happening in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.


There are three types of procedure practiced for Hiatal hernia surgery in Pune that are open repair, laparoscopic repair, and Endoluminal fundoplication.

● Open Repair:

The surgeon will pull back and fix the misplaced stomach into the abdominal cavity through a large incision in this process. The surgeon will also reduce the opening of the stomach, which is connected to the esophagus, so the acid should not leak into it.

● Laparoscopic Repair:

In this process, the Laparoscopic Surgeon in Pune will make four to five incisions on the stomach, insert the surgical instruments, and try to bring back the stomach to its original position. And also, tighten the upper part of the stomach and lower part of the esophagus so
that the acid from the stomach does not enter the esophagus. This process is generally done using a laparoscope, a device that captures the images of the processes happening inside the body and displays them at the monitor connected to it. In this case, laparoscopy is generally inserted at the abdomen.

● Endoluminal Fundoplication:

This process is not generally used. It involves the insertion of an endoscope inside the stomach through the mouth. This device contains light and a camera. The surgeon inserts the clips through this process inside the stomach opening and the esophagus ending so that the
clips prevent the acids and food of the stomach from entering into the esophagus.


After laparoscopy, the patient recovers very fast. Within 2-3 days, the patient goes home walking. It takes around 11-12 weeks to completely recover from a Hiatal Hernia. It will pain around the incision for the first two weeks and also give a burning sensation sometimes. But it will get better soon. You have to also avoid the high physical pressure work in order to recover faster. You have to avoid driving for around 6-7 weeks after surgery. By following these measures, you can recover more quickly.

If you have any doubts regarding the Hiatal hernia, then contact Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde, Ultra Care Clinic. He will clear your every doubt.