Best Hernia Treatment in Pune

Suffering from obesity is not new at present, and this can cause serious health issues in humans. Among all health issues, Hernia is also becoming a leading health problem in recent days. Unfortunately, many are still unaware of the common causes of hernias. Hernia can also be caused due to the existence of an inguinal canal or a common birth defect.

How can obesity cause Hernia?

Abdominal Hernia is often caused due to weight gain. Obesity can enhance pressure on the abdominal muscles and enhance the strain. The common causes of Hernia are

  • Enhanced muscle weakness relating to weight increase and pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy or heavy lifting can cause Hernia.
  • Injury can also cause Hernia.

It has also been noticed that being overweight can increase multiple hernias.

Does overweight affect hernia surgery?

Obesity gives rise to Hernia, and the fat layers create a challenge for the doctors to operate on Hernia.

Effect of obesity on post-surgery of Hernia

Individuals are hardly aware of the post-surgery risk of Hernia. However, like other surgeries, hernia surgery also comes with certain risks.

  • It has been noticed that people who are overweight are more likely to suffer from the post-surgery danger of Hernia.
  • Normally people with overweight have less wound healing capability, and hence they need to stay in the hospital for a longer time than normal people.
  • Obese people are more prone to get infected after hernia surgery. Hence doctors often suggest taking necessary care post the hernia surgery.

Consequently, doctors often suggest obese patients reduce weight and BMI to stay healthy. Once you start losing weight, it will keep you healthy, and you will not face any complications post hernia surgery. Again, post-surgery of Hernia, doctors suggest patients take a well-maintained diet to reduce weight.