Pilonidal Sinus Specialist Doctor in Wanowrie, Fatima Nagar, Kondhwa, Undri, Manjri & Hadpsar

A tiny tunnel or pit on the skin forms just above the buttock is known as a pilonidal sinus. PNS appears near to the cleft, and it is filled with fluid and dirt. This hole causes the creation of a cyst. Patients need to take advice from the expert Pilonidal Sinus Doctor in Pune.

Causes of Pilonidal sinus

Experts cannot mention a particular cause for pilonidal sinus. Many reasons are responsible for this situation. Experts often suggest visiting a Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Centre in Pune to have the best care. The leading causes of pilonidal sinus are

  • Sitting for a long time
  • Hair growth on the body
  • Change in hormone
  • Friction from clothes

People who need to sit for a long time throughout the day are more likely to have PNS. Their skin at the back gets infected by the friction from the clothes. This friction can cause a pilonidal sinus. Again, due to changes in hormones, people often can notice hair growth at the buttock, which becomes another cause of this skin problem.


Patients suffering from pilonidal sinus often need to undergo Pilonidal Sinus Surgery. If people face this skin disease, they often feel discomfort while sitting and standing, low fever, inflamed cyst, hovels in the skin, and skin sore around the area. Hence whenever people start suffering from these symptoms, they need to visit doctors at Ultra Care Clinic in Pune.


If the patients don’t feel colossal discomfort, doctors often suggest broad-spectrum antibiotics. This antibiotic can treat a wide assortment of bacteria. Experts recommend Pilonidal Sinus Surgery in Pune only if there is more than one PNS in that area. Here the doctors will do the surgery using local anesthesia and clean pus and debris from the PNS.

At present, PNS is get treated with advanced Pilonidal Sinus Laser Treatment in Pune.

If you face any of the above symptoms and causes, Must consult with the Best Pilonidal Sinus Specialist Doctor in Wanowrie, Fatima Nagar, Kondhwa, Undri, Manjri & Hadapsar – Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde at Ultra Care Clinic, Pune. Book an Appointment Now.!!