At present huge numbers of persons are suffering from Gallstones. These are the hardened accumulation of digestive fluid in the gallbladder. A gallbladder grasps bile, the digestive fluid and it can get released into the small intestine.

Type of Gallstones

Individuals can suffer from different types of gallstones. Doctors differentiate gallbladder stones depending on the following features.

  • The appearance of these stones
  • profile structures of the gallstones
  • Composition of elements of gallstones
  • Microstructure of gallstones, etc.

At present gallstones are mainly categorized into the types mentioned below.

  • cholesterol stones
  • pigment stones
  • mixed stones

Cholesterol stones are considered the most common gallbladder stones. These stones are yellow in color and are made of undissolved cholesterol. These gallstones mainly develop when bile comes with excessive cholesterol and bilirubin.

The next type of gallstone is pigment gallstone. The color of these stones varies from dark brown to black. Prime ingredients of pigment stones are salts of phosphate, carbonate, bilirubin, etc.

People can suffer from mixed gallstones which are a combination of cholesterol and pigment gallbladder stones. These gallbladder stones look like sticky mud.

When do people suffer from Gallstones?

Suffering from gallbladder stones has become quite common in recent days. Individuals may suffer from gallstones due to having a family history, age of more than 40 years, obesity, high-fat & low-fiber diet, etc.

Again, pregnant women mainly suffer from gallstones. If you are suffering from diabetes and intestinal disease, you are likely to have gallstones.


Doctors suggest different treatment options and diagnosis processes for gallbladder stones. Experts recommend blood tests that will allow doctors to check the existence of infection. Ultrasound is suggested to make images of the internal body parts. Apart from those above endoscopic ultrasounds, ERCP is also conducted to diagnose the situation of gallstones.

Once doctors diagnose the existence of gallstones, they will recommend Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, Open cholecystectomy to heal the patients. If you are in search of top-ranked gallstone specialists, you can consult with Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde, Ultra Care Clinic in Pune.