Umbilical Hernia mostly affects infants, but adults can also suffer from this health issue. This Hernia develops when a portion of the bowel or fatty tissue comes out via a feeble place in the abdominal wall close to the naval. It may not be serious, but individuals need to consult with doctors if it starts pain or does not go away, giving small pressure.

People may suffer from different types of hernias. Umbilical Hernia mainly happens when the frontal abdominal wall gets deteriorates. Infants and newborns mainly suffer from umbilical Hernia, and most of the cases resolve in 2 years.

Symptoms of Umbilical Hernia

This Hernia develops as a swelling in the naval, and it becomes more visible when an infant starts coughing or crying. The cases vary between the children depending on the size of the Hernia. Individuals can suffer from pain and start vomiting due to this Hernia. Many times this Hernia can get discolored also. Whenever these problems arise, it is necessary to consult with physicians.


Many are hardly aware of the causes of umbilical Hernia. The umbilical cord passes through the tiny opening of the abdominal muscle of the baby during gestation. But this opening automatically closes after the birth of the baby. However, umbilical Hernia develops if the openings are not repaired properly.

Apart from infants, adults also can suffer from this Hernia due to obesity, multiple pregnancies, the composition of fluid inside the abdominal cavity, etc. Again if any person has already suffered from abdominal surgery, dialysis to treat kidney failure can suffer from umbilical Hernia.

Ultra Care Clinic

Once individuals who face the symptoms of umbilical Hernia should consult with Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde who is the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Pune without delay. Normally umbilical Hernia can be treated within 2 years of an infant through a small surgery. Adults also need to have a small surgery to get rid of this umbilical Hernia.