Can Hemorrhoids Be Treated Without Surgery

Suffering from piles is no doubt extremely painful. Individuals who suffer from piles or hemorrhoids often ask doctors whether they can get cured of piles permanently or not. Again, many have queries whether piles can only be treated with surgery or not. Here individuals need to ask their doctors about the best treatment process for piles.

Why you are suffering from piles

Many are unknown of the fact why they are suffering from piles. Lots of reasons are responsible for that. The first two things which play a vital role in developing piles are- diet and body weight.

Individual’s bowel movement depends on their diet. You need to strain during bowel movements if you are suffering from constipation, and it mainly happens if your food habit is wrong.

Again if you drink less water, you can also suffer from piles.

Home remedies for piles

Many feel that surgery is the only way to get rid of piles. Well, it is not at all. Many times doctors suggest some home remedies which can help a lot in getting recovered from piles. Hence, doctors often suggest opting for some changes to your standard of living.

Patients are suggested to take enough fruits, fresh vegetables, and whole gain as much as possible.

Doctors suggest daily exercises and keep your weight under control. Obesity is one of the most acute reasons for developing piles, and hence doctors suggest losing weight to get rid of this problem.

Hemorrhoids creams and ointments are available over the counter, and patients with minimal piles’ symptoms can opt for this.

Taking a warm bath is also a good suggestion. It can relieve you from pain, and you can get rid of piles. You need to apply this treatment for 15 – 20 minutes daily.

These are some simple remedies that can give you relief and keep you away from piles.

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