hemorrhoids laser surgery cost in hadapsar


Today, huge numbers of people complain about having piles or Hemorrhoids. Piles are the blood vessels, and these situate at the lowest part of the rectum. Once these veins get swollen, the veins start extending outward around the anal tissue. It keeps you uncomfortable and painful too. So whenever individuals suffer from piles, they need to rush to doctors for medications or laser surgery for piles.

Types of piles

Piles are two types- internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids stay inside the rectum, and you will hardly feel them. External appears exactly on the surface for the bowel movement. These are visible, and it creates pain during a bowel movement or while you sit. To get the best remedy, doctors may suggest laser surgery for varicose veins.


Internal hemorrhoids often come with the symptom like blood during your bowel movement. If you are suffering from external piles, you may face pain, bleeding, itching and swelling. If these symptoms don’t go away on their own, you need to visit a doctor.

Causes of piles

  • Having a problem with bowel movement due to a low fibre diet.
  • Women can suffer from piles dues to pregnancy.
  • Obesity and diarrhea can cause piles.

Treatments for hemorrhoids

With the advancement in medicine, hemorrhoids can get treated by using laser surgery for fissure. During the treatment, the doctors may suggest certain tests like

  • Checking the external or internal piles
  • Conducting rectal examination

Most of the time, if the symptoms are not severe, you can use hemorrhoid cream to get the best solution. You will get relief from the pain too.

Cold compress is often suggested as one of the most effective treatments to get rid of hemorrhoids. You can use an ice pack to get relief from the pain.

In certain cases where the piles have become complicated, doctors may suggest laser surgery. Here you need to know the hemorrhoids laser surgery cost before you opt for it.

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