Piles Doctor in Hadapsar

Suffering from piles or hemorrhoids is exceptionally horrible. Many suffer from this problem but do not face similar symptoms. Inflamed tissues got assembled near the anal canal to form piles. These tissues are the combination of blood vessels, elastic fibers, muscles, and support tissues. Those who are suffering from this disease need to consult with expert Piles Doctor in Pune.

Causes of piles

While there is an enhanced pressure in the lower rectum, this causes piles. The blood vessels get swelled under pressure, become inflamed and form piles. The formation of piles mainly happens due to the following reasons;

  1. Persisting constipation causes strain while passing a stool.
  2. Continuous diarrhea
  3. Constant lifting of massive weight

Apart from those above conditions, many times pregnant women also suffer from piles. Hence, whenever a patient is suffering from piles, they need to talk to the experts for the Best Piles Treatment in Pune.

Symptoms of piles

Everyone must understand the symptoms of piles so that they can opt for the best and Painless Piles Treatment Pune. An individual may experience the following signs:-

  • There will be a hard and painful lump around the anus. These lumps may contain clotted blood.
  • Individuals may notice red blood after the bowel movement.
  • You will feel irritation and soreness around the area.

Individuals often feel pain during bowel movements. Treatment for piles

Patients suffering from piles need to search for the best Piles Hospital in Pune to have the best treatment at an affordable cost. In general, piles get resolved on its own without any treatment. But if the situation becomes severe, patients need specific treatment for piles.

Piles can get treated typically with proper medications and following a proper diet regularly.

However, in critical conditions, the doctors of the Ultra Care Clinic often suggest surgery to get permanent relief from piles.

If you face any of the above symptoms and causes, Must consult with the Piles Doctor in Wanowrie, Fatima Nagar, Kondhwa, Undri, Manjri & Hadapsar – Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde at Ultra Care Clinic, Pune. Book an Appointment Now.!!