Varicose Veins Treatment in Hadapsar, Pune

Varicose Veins

It is the large veins that get enlarged and twisted right under the skin and are visible to us in black, green, or purple colour. This generally occurs when the veins allow the blood to flow in the wrong direction or in the pool by the faulty valves. These generally result in pain in the person suffering from the problem. The treatment of these veins should be only done if the person is suffering from severe pain due to the varicose veins treatment in hadapsar.

Spider veins

It is basically the damaged veins that appear to us in red or brown colour. These are usually present on the face or legs. Usually, these don’t cause any pain to human beings. Therefore it is not necessary to go for the treatment of these. But still many people go for the treatment of spider veins due to cosmetic reasons.


  • Causes of varicose veins

The veins are situated in our body in such a way that the blood can flow in a single direction. If the walls of the veins get stretched or become less flexible, then the blood can even flow backwards. This causes the veins to get enlarged, and that part often gets swollen. This generally occurs on the legs. Due to gravity, it becomes harder for the blood to travel back to the heart. So, we can conclude that the condition that puts pressure on the abdomen causes varicose veins.

  • Causes of spider veins

These veins generally occur on the legs and face. These are the result of the damaged valves inside the veins that appear to us in red or brown in colour. When the veins get damaged, and the blood struggles to flow through them, then these veins start to appear on the skin; these are known as spider veins.


  • Treatment of varicose veins

There are many different ways of varicose veins treatment in Hadapsar, Pune in Ultra care clinic. They can also be treated surgically, medicated, or laser treatment can also cure these veins. If the problem is very severe in a person that causes him pain and swelling, then it is very important to treat the veins with surgery. If the vein problem is not very severe, but the person wants to get rid of these veins due to cosmetic reasons then most of the time Varicose Veins doctor in Hadapsar, Pune inject a chemical inside the veins so that they start to disappear after a few times.

  • Treatment of spider veins

There are often different types of procedures practiced to cure spider veins. The most common method is to wear a special type of socks on the legs for the treatment of spider veins. These socks generally apply pressure on the veins, and after some time they start to disappear.

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