Gallbladder Pain

At present, lots of people are suffering from Gallstones. The hardened deposit of the digestive fluid cause gallstones in the gallbladder. The stones move from the gallbladder to the lower intestine, and the patient starts suffering colossal pain. Hence, whenever you feel any such pain, you need to take advice from Gallbladder Stone Doctor in Pune.

The size of the gallstone can range from tiny particles of sand to as large as a golf ball. Some may have just one gallstone, whereas others can have more than one stone in the gallbladder.

Symptoms of gallbladder stone

Patients may suffer from various symptoms of a gallbladder stone.

  • Pain at the upper right quadrant:

People may face this pain suddenly after a heavy meal. This pain starts just over the belly button. You will notice that the pain settles down beneath the right-side ribcage just around the area of the gallbladder. Once people feel this pain, they need to rush to the doctors for Gallbladder Stones Treatment in Pune.

  • Nausea:

Feeling nausea is common among people who is suffering from gallstones. People will also feel a lack of appetite and vomiting if they are suffering from gallstones.

  • Fever:

Most of the patients having gallstones suffer from high fever.

  • Malaise:

Feeling a particular type of discomfort, illness, and uneasiness is common in those suffering from the inflamed gallbladder. These symptoms are known as Malaise which indicates inflammation in the gallstone. Patients suffering from these situations need proper Gallstone Removal Surgery in Pune.

Apart from those mentioned above, people will suffer from different symptoms due to age and illness. At first, gallbladder pain seems irregular, but over time, it becomes severe and painful. Sometimes gallstones also combine with jaundice in rare situations.

As a result, the patients need to consult with doctors for gallstone treatment and know the Gallbladder Surgery Cost in Pune.

If you face any of the above symptoms and causes, Must consult with the Gallbladder Stone Doctor in Wanowrie Fatima Nagar Kondhwa Undri Manjri & Hadapsar – Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde at Ultra Care Clinic, Pune. Book an Appointment Now.!!