Piles Treatment in Pune

Suffering from Piles or Haemorrhoids has been common among many persons in recent days. Piles are the inflamed veins around the anus, which can cause serious problems in passing stool. People normally suffer from two types of Haemorrhoids and are External Haemorrhoids & Internal Haemorrhoids. Well, experts suggest that piles can get cured with medications. However, paying attention to the diet is necessary if you are suffering piles.

Problems Due to Piles

Individuals who suffer from piles can face the problems like:-

  • You will feel a painful lump surrounding your anus.
  • You will face problems in bowel movement and bleeding during passing stool.
  • You will face itching and irritation around the anus.

Types of food that all need to consume to stay away from piles and their complications

  • Doctors suggest that people should consume enough leafy vegetables. Leafy vegetables always come with enough nutrients, and it contains fiber that helps in passing stool. So, here it is necessary to add leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, celery, radish, mustard greens, etc.
  • Whole grains are also considered one of the most effective food items that help people recover from piles. Food made with whole grains contains enough fiber that keeps bowel movement smooth.
  • Besides leafy vegetables and whole grains, fresh fruits are also necessary to heal people from irritating piles. Fresh fruits always enhance immunity in individuals, and these are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits always help to increase the digestion system in individuals.
  • The next one is sprouts. It comes with vitamin C, calcium, and protein. Doctors suggest patients have sprouted to get the best benefit in piles.
  • Doctors also advise buttermilk or curd to get healed from piles. Buttermilk helps in maintaining digestive health.

Last but not the least, doctors always suggest drinking enough water to maintain the digestive system.

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