Hemorrhoids and Lower Extremity Chronic Venous Insufficiency


The content here discloses the association between Hemorrhoids and Lower Extremity Chronic Venous Insufficiency. CVI or Chronic venous insufficiency is a situation that arises when the valves in the vein of our legs stop working. In this situation, blood from the legs does not come back to the heart. The valves between the legs get damaged and stop blood from returning to the heart directly.

Many are confused about whether there is any relation between chronic venous insufficiency and chronic venous insufficiency. As per research, it has been noticed that patients who are suffering from hemorrhoids are more prone to get attacked by CVI.

Hemorrhoids create enhanced abdominal pressure and create problems in the veins of the legs. As per the study, it has been revealed that patients over 30 years of age and suffering from obesity mainly are prone to this disease.

Symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency

No doubt CVI is a serious problem, and it can get developed with more complexities if not treated on time. Hence everyone needs to understand the symptoms of CVI.

  • Individuals will notice swelling in the lower legs and ankles after a long time of standing
  • Your legs will get tired and may start aching
  • You may suffer from itching skin on your legs

Patients need to ask doctors about these problems. More you delay, the veins will start more swelling, and the minuscule vein will burst.

After a long study, it has been revealed that hemorrhoids negatively affect human health if these are not treated on time. Hemorrhoids are caused due to constant abdominal force during bowel movements due to constipation, obesity, and pregnancy.

This continuous force decreases the functionality of the venous system in the anorectic position. If it remains untreated, it can become life-threatening, so it is suggested to talk to your doctor any time you face these problems.

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