Homerroid treatment in pune

People who suffer from Haemorrhoids only can understand how painful it is. The problem is extremely frustrating, and it can make your day annoying. As per experts, Haemorrhoids can often get cured devoid of any surgery. Here patients can start their treatment with over-the-counter medicine. However, women during the pregnancy period can suffer from hemorrhoids.

Effect of petroleum jelly in hemorrhoids 

There are loads of home remedies that can heal you from hemorrhoids, and among all those treatments, Vaseline or petroleum jelly plays a vital role. Here you need to take a drop of petroleum jelly on your fingertip and massage it over the anal area gently. It will make the area lubricated and hemorrhoids patients comfortable in passing stool.

Hemorrhoids patients can insert a finger inside the anus and apply the jelly. It will give you extreme strain and excess bleeding while passing the stool.

Other home remedies for hemorrhoids

  • Warm Bath- Doctors often suggest having a warm bath with Epsom Salt. A warm bath is necessary to get the best healing during hemorrhoids. Experts often suggest having a warm bath for 20 minutes a day.
  • Col compress- Another effective home remedy for hemorrhoids is cold compress. Here patients need to apply ice packs on the affected area to get the best relief. This is necessary to treat painful and large hemorrhoids.
  • Use of witch hazel- Using Witch hazel can help diminish the irritation and pain of hemorrhoids. This treatment works as a natural anti-inflammatory product, and it will reduce swelling. This product is available in liquid form, and it will treat external hemorrhoids.
  • Use of Aloe Vera- The effectiveness of Aloe Vera on the skin can never be ignored. So applying Aloe Vera over the infected area around the anus will give the patients the best result.



So, if you or any of your near ones suffer from hemorrhoids, consult with Dr. Abhijit Gotkhinde, Ultra Care Clinic, for the most remarkable outcome.